These collaborative paintings were done jointly with my partner Elizabeth. The original technique for these pieces was developed for ourselves to fit our taste. Due to the very favorable feedback and demand we received on our first pieces we decided to expand it and make it available for the public. The colours of nature inspired us and we thrived to capture an imprint or essence of this vivid wonder. We are using a unique texture and colour combination and each and every piece is being created in two steps. Through the first step we establish the texture and design, this is the sculpting stage and the second step is to apply the layers of colour to create the final effect. We hope that you will enjoy these pieces as much as we enjoyed making them.
TranquilityWaves Waves 2Waves TripticWaves #1Waves #2Waves #3In passing of a WaiveTurquoise Of the MediterraneanSaphire WatersEmerald EarthCloudy DayMidnight IslandsEnd of the SpectrumUniversal LightsSnow FightWinter WhitesWhite Waters