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Commissioning Artwork

Custom Sculpture 

I like to sit down with the client when possible to discuss the sculpture commission. 
During the sculpture process I keep in contact during the different stages. 

If you have an idea of a sculpture you would like to be created, I can work with you to create a design of preference. Or I can design a sculpture for a dedicated space.

Styles can be Abstract, Stylized or figurative. Subject matters can be anything such as animals, people, plants, objects, machinery, science fiction, fantasy or imaginative designs.

I can create small or large sculpture, there is no limit on scale.

I prefer to create my sculpture in bronze for a number of reasons: Bronze picks up detail beautifully, the contrast of light can be spectacular, there is a wide range of effects that can be used. Bronze is a strong durable material, that will last for generations into the future. It is also a material that can be designed under special conditions to look as if it defies gravity. Bronze has a greater variation of possibilities within this medium and really it is the gold standard within sculpture. 

Please note for realistic figurative sculptures of friends or loved ones I will require photographs of the person from different angles to create a more accurate representation. 


We use the top bronze foundries, stone and installation specialist in Canada, including engineering for specialized projects.

Completion time and Fees:

Price and fees will vary based on size, composition and intricacy of work. 

Maintenance Plans:

Can be purchased. This service is to preserve the bronze sculptures. Two services per year.

The prices varies on scale and location of sculpture within the GTA.


Important Information Due to recent increase in Fraudulent Orders in Art circles:

We actively monitor, recognize and report fraudulent activities to the authorities.
My sculptures are custom made Original art pieces. We do not refund or exchange.
We accept only Pay Pal or electronic money transfers and use only reputable courier companies. We package and ship our own work. Shipping and handling is extra. Insurance can be purchased.

If you are interested in purchasing a sculpture or commissioning a new work, please leave a message on the Guest Book, we will get back to you soon. Thank you. 

Please note at all times Copyright remains with J. A. Fligel


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